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Monday, December 5, 2011

Fistful Of Comics 14

A comic of mine will be published in the upcoming issue 14 of Australian anthology Fistful of Comics, which features a very striking cover by Loren Morris:

"Fist Full of Comics is a monthly Australian Comic Anthology dedicated to giving a platform for comic artists and writers, to get their work out there into world.

This is a whopping 44 page book containg works by. Breath in... Peter Moerenhout, Tim F. der Mensbrugghe, Vers, Craig Gillman, Stewart Cook, Robert Hall, Randy Leonard, Sione Bouts, Kevin Hayes, Joshua Harris, Kirk Kenny, Jing, Dave Hodson & Mark Elden, with a fantastic cover by Loren Morris."

This will be their last issue for a fair while. Lucky I have submitted something at the right time... show your support and change the editor's mind by buying a copy here:


Monday, November 14, 2011

Ethno​/​Itsu Compilation 1

Alises Loose Link, Reset Thinking and Clockwork Keyboard are all featured in a just released compilation between Ethno Indigo Records and Itsu Jitsu. Artists from both netlabels offer exclusive previously unreleased tracks, resulting in a 22 track, 2 hour monster:

1. Clockwork Keyboard - Freeman (06:41)
2. Corroded Master - 606Roland (02:48)
3. Loose Link - Trampler (05:11)
4. I Am The Hand - Hand Me Lips (Fast Version) (02:52)
5. Ross Baker - Closed Loops of a Train (07:52)
6. Reset Thinking - Pulse Feed (03:50)
7. The Finer Points OF Sadism - Down Below (02:06)
8. Noisesurfer - Peaceland Rev (04:20)
9. Full Source - Even The Trees Have Eyes (01:19)
10. Cat Pain Black Udder - 46 (08:07)
11. Doug Sharp vs. Corroded Master - Tiptoe through the Idealistic (03:10)
12. Gondowanland School of Subcutaneous Noise Infraction -
moosty argyle concentrate ma boy (03:12)
13. The Colours Will Erase Us - Lifeline Timeline (06:22)
15. elizabeth Veldon - the process by which our ethnic identity
becomes fixed (02:37)
16. Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - based on a true story (05:00)
17. Shoscombe, Old Place - Beaten (Not Beaten) (02:08)
18. Dinosaur Youth - Reckless (03:50)
19. Ethnotronic - Serial B (04:51)
20. Virtual Sphere - Stratosphere (04:51)
21. Xtematic - Rash (05:03)
22. Jason Kavanagh - deliver me hence, I shall not fail (09:46)


Props go to Jason Kavanagh and Joachim Rontxolieus for organizing this!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bit Of A Catch Up

First up:


I have a brand new site devoted to my illustrations. 230 comic pages and 50 separate illustrations up so far. I will be working on new ones plus updating and finishing older ones and will put them up there.

Now, music wise:

Karramantha is out now on the French netlabel Sirona Records. Maaaaassive record featuring 14 remixes totaling everything to over 90 minutes. Each track is different lots of variety!:


01 - Karramantha (Intro)
02 - Karramantha
03 - Karramantha (Loose Link Remix)
04 - Karramantha (['tima] Remix)
05 - Karramantha (Jostle Throng's Ratatak Remix)
06 - Karramantha (Sven Meyer Remix)
07 - Karramantha (Ok Sure Remix 2)
08 - Karramantha (JRK Remix)
09 - Karramantha (Lupid Ocampo Remix)
10 - Karramantha (Treatment)
11 - Karramantha (Dinosaur Youth Remix)
12 - Karramantha (Clockwork Keyboard Remix 2)
13 - Karramantha (Dinimiciúla Duo Remix)
14 - Karramantha (PSvils Remix)
15 - Karramantha (Noiseseurfer Remix)
16 - Karramantha (Ok Sure Remix 1)
17 - Karramantha (Joetox's Spitfire Remix)
18 - Karramantha (Clockwork Keyboard Remix 1)
19 - Karramantha (Cubus Remix Parts 1 and 2)


Also on Sirona:


Many thanks to Arnard Barbe for hosting both!

His label:

And his personal music site, he goes under the name Pollux:

Also, a new mix by my ambient alias, Stopscape has been up on New Worck for a bit. 70 artists in 70 minutes:


Lastly, lifewise. I have moved to Melbourne Australia. Settling in and getting to know the place, new opportunities afoot!

And, that's it I think, phew...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Upcoming Music: Stopscape and Karramantha

Out on August 12 on Itsu Jitsu, Can't Quite Recall is an experimental abstract soundscape that's been in the making for a while, with bits and pieces of it appearing in all my previous mixes. But its now finally seeing a release thanks to Jason Kavanagh! It's the first one under the Stopscape alias, a name I'd like to use again sometime.

Cover is a work in progress.

The next Loose Link related release is Karramantha, a glitch-step collaboration with Option Command. It will feature tracks by us plus many different awesome remixes, so far including FSOLboard natives Ross Baker, Noisesurfer and cubus. Tracks are still being worked on and many more remixes are forthcoming hopefully! Here's a preview:

The Original Karramantha, work in progress:

['tima] Remix:

Dinimiciúla Duo Remix:

Sven Meyer Remix:

I'm on the look out for more remixes too, so if you'd like to have a go give me a message and download the sample pack:

This release doubles as a soundtrack to a science fiction animation I'm working on. A prequel of sorts to a much larger story I've had in my head for ages. It will be a flash animation and it will be posted at places like Vimeo and youtube. The cover of the album is one frame I'm working on from the animation.

One more thing... Junk Moon progress: its getting there.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Current Animated Projects

Even though I'm thinking about many, I am currently working on two different animated projects, one is Gospels From The Ark: Junk Moon with Kate Ann Morris, and the other is Secret Agent Blokes with Shining Dove.

Episode 1 of Junk Moon is charging along quite nicely, the trailer for that was well received.

Secret Agent Blokes will eventually come in two forms, one of them being a three to five minute pilot episode. Shining and I have started a blog to track its total process. You'll be able to read more of what its about there, plus have looks at the script, storyboards, draft and eventually finished glimpses of animation, character designs and more. It will be updated over time, if you are an animator, musician, fx, editor or writer then extra help is very welcome:



Friday, May 27, 2011

Clockwork Keyboard - Clockwork Keyboard

Just cause it can, the Clockwork Keyboard album comes three days earlier and is now available to download from the Itsu Jitsu netlabel! 14 tracks - over 70 minutes long, all mixed together into one big journey:

1. Sunbrush 04:26
2. Clockwork Earl Jones 04:06
3. Oopsie Dazie (Opiate Mix) 05:16
4. Weather Report 05:42
5. Huey (Mach Ten) 03:07
6. Dada (Many Styles, Many Miles) 07:53
7. What Time Is It 05:20
8. Reset Beat 03:33
9. Dada (Trance Below My Mind) 04:18
10. Nasty Melody (The Timemaster) 04:40
11. Sentinel 04:41
12. Clockwork Beat (Broke) 03:05
13. Night Below (Late Night Show) 05:12
14. Reset Beat (Hearth) 08:20

Download here:



Up next: A Clockworck Mix for the New Worck Mixtape site.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Many Minidisc Things

Would you like a minidisc?

Mateusz Krawczyk of Recycling Records has sent me a heap of them, and they look awesome!

If you would like one, E-mail me.

Or e-mail Mateusz:


Clockwork Keyboard Previews

The Clockwork Keyboard album will be available as a free download on May 30 by the Scottish netlabel Itsu Jitsu. Cheers to Jason Kavanagh for hosting.

Here are some tracks from the album:





Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gospels From The Ark: Junk Moon (Trailer)

I have uploaded a trailer to a project I was involved with with writer Kate Ann Morris.

Animated with Toon Boom.

Music by Ross Baker aka Second Thought.

Full credits at the end of the video.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New and Upcoming Clockworks

My next music will be with Joachim Rontxelius again and will result with the first Clockwork Keyboard album. The project will be released soon and it was very fun to do. For now Joachim has put together an EP of versions from the album on his own Ethno Indigo Records netlabel:

Download the Dada EP here:


Mixcloud Mix

There's a new Loose Link mix on Mixcloud, a first in a series. It's all Loose Linked with Loose Links, playing tracks from The Many Things and the Electron mace EPs, plus premiering newer ones:


Random Proportions Music Video

Joachim Rontxelius has kindly made a music video for Random Proportions, straight from the moon:

Many thanks :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Noisesurfer – From Sunday Off Land Part 2

A couple of Loose Link tracks and a Clockwork Keyboard track are included on Joachim Rontxelius & Raquel Moraledius's latest Noisesurfer mix for the mixtape website The New Worck. From Sunday Off Land Part 2 is their second mix for the site and an awesomely massive sounding and superbly mixed electro ambient scape, that also features a fair amount of their own work and other music by Jack Anderton, Robert Fripp, Second Thought, cubus, FSOL, Amon Tobin and more:

Jack Anderton – Aerofoil (Extract)
Robert Fripp – 1989 (Extract)
Noisesurfer – Heavenly Music Entertaiment
Clockwork Keyboard – Watch The Clock (Part5)
Noisesurfer – Nebulosa Delay
FSOL – Deseo Reconstruction #2 (Jon Anderson Speed Deep)
Noisesurfer – Fade Cross To You (Ethnoindigo Mix) Part 7
Second Thought Tekeli – Li (Seafar Mix)
Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head
Loose Link – Ghost Protocol
Tetsu Inoe – Mini Moon
Noisesurfer – Intro To Album 1
Jack Anderton – Vertical Load
Cubus – Nicht Fur Alali
Herd – Tangent 33
Heads Of Agreements – Cow_Fxd
Ethnotronic – Indo Sonoro Part 2
Amon Tobin – Always
Noisesurfer – Fuzzion
Noisesurfer – Enology
Fsol – ISDN Environments Remixed
Second Thought – Memories Of Shanford (Live)
Loose Link – Random Proportions
Neotropic – Cornershop Candy
Ulver – The Future Sound Of Music
Noisesurfer – Migraine
Noisesurfer – Bongo Bong
Daniel Pemberton – Sleepy Little Planet (Mixed)

Listen here (right click and save to download):



I've donated one of my drawings and also designed the latest Noisesurfer album not too long back. Counter is a surprisingly fun and rhythmic record "in comparison to the earlier fuzzy lo-fi ambient techno the duo worked on" in the past. It is available to download from the Japanese netlabel Bump Foot:


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome To Whitestone

Loose Link - The Many Things EP

Available now:

New from Loose Link, The Many Things EP contains outtakes and alternative versions from the Random Proportions sessions, mixed together in a 20 plus minute journey. It's free to download from Recycling Records, a netlabel from Poland that promotes "sound recycling", a label "established to promote the idea of plunderphonics by publishing recordings of experimental, ambient, noisy and avantgarde music based on portions of already existing songs."

Special thanks to Mateusz Krawczyk for hosting.

1. I Remember Many Things (EP Version)
2. I Remember Many Things (Glitch Soul)
3. N'n'CD'n'B
4. Secret Mission
5. Supercollider (Alternative Version)

Download here:



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funtime Comics - Darkest Days

My latest comic in quite a while is a collaboration with Jason Brice, which is set to appear in the latest upcoming issue of Funtime, Christchurch's Comic book anthology, called "Darkest Day".

An 80 page special relief issue for the victims of the latest Christchurch earthquake. It will feature many other writers and artists including Dylan Horrocks, Richard Fairchild, Mike Athey and many more. All money made will go towards the Red Cross.

It will first be available at the Wellington Armageddon Expo on April 9th and 10th, then nationwide afterwards.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Songs of the Emptying Race: Second Thought Remixed

The Second Thought Remix album, which feature's Loose Link's remix of "Kelpie" is now available to download for free on the Bumpfoot Japanese netlabel, 19 tracks, 108 minutes long:


We don't need no steeeenkin' cds!

Loose Link - Electron Mace EP

Out now on Jerky Oats, my new 13 track "EP":

"Loose Link's second release, the Electron Mace EP charts a gradual move away from his debut album, towards a more fractured sound, with samples, loops and beats fitting together in a less logical, more abstract manner. The first five tracks are all reworkings by Loose Link himself, while the second half of the package finds remixes in various styles, from the Euro-dance leanings of Dinimiciúla Duo, Option Command's more modern computer cool, cubus and Human
Robot's ambience, Second Thought's acid house and Flying Battery's computer catchy computer game jingle."

01. Electron Mace (Original)
02. Electron Mace (Chaotic Sweep)
03. Electron Mace (Engine)
04. Electron Mace (Pitch Hits)
05. Electron Mace (Exact Extracts)
06. Electron Mace (Sven Meyer Remix)
07. Electron Mace (Option Command Remix)
08. Electron Mace (Second Thought Remix)
09. Electron Mace (cubus Remix)
10. Electron Mace (Clockwork Keyboard Remix)
11. Electron Mace (Dinimiciúla Duo Remix)
12. Electron Mace (Flying Battery Remix)
13. Electron Mace (Human Robot Interaction Remix)

Very humbling to have your own tracks remixed by other people, especially if those people are from many corners of the globe (Ireland, the UK, Australia, USA, Spain and Germany). Very exciting release, and it's free to download!:


This is dedicated to those lost in the devastating Christchurch Quake that hit on February the 22nd, 167 confirmed dead so far...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Everyday's Christmas!

Get out of your tradition and have a Christmas day near the end of February with the latest Senselessness comic!:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loose Link Included On Upcoming Remix Album

Loose Link's remix of the Second Thought track "Kelpie" will feature on his upcoming remix album "Songs Of The Emptying Race". The album also features remixes of past Second Thought tracks by Full-Source, Seafar, Merganser and more, plus 3 more tracks by Second Thought himself, and a recording from his latest liveset at Awakenings 2011:

Hulme (Mystified Remix)
Rooftops (Part 3)
Canal Seven (New Junction)
Meltwater (Off Land Recon)
Send More Bees (Sned Moor Bess)
Envtza (Aztvne)
Street (Tyrol mix)
Clouded (Austin Cassell Remix)
Moss (Merganser Remix)
Fences (Full-Source Remix)
Tekeli-li (Seafar Remix)
Parin Onia (Treatment)
Ice Shelf (Validine Chronus Remix)
Branches (Gliese 614 Remix)
Tiwhwias (Our King Is Dead! Retreat To The Sewers!)
Rooms (Brillman Remix)
Night Train (Live at Awakenings 2011)
Kelpie (Loose Link Remix)
Borderline (Mercurial Remix)

Available for download sometime in March.

"Kelpie" comes from Second Thought's third full album "Safernoc" which is available for download from FSOLDigital, the Future Sound Of London's online music store. Download costs £5:



Monday, February 14, 2011

Clockwork Keyboard - Watch The Clock EP

A collaboration between me and Joachim Rontxelius from Spain, what started off as a simple request to collaborate on a song for Random Proportions has turned into a full fledged project, which starts here. Close to 30 minutes of sweeping Clockscapes and toetapping Keybeats. This multi-part EP serves as a preview of what lies ahead, watch your clock...

"Composed deep within Keyclock Station, the Watch the Clock EP starts the journey, between brothers J. Drone from Spain and C. Channel from New Zealand, to collaborate and export different musical ideas using various equipment, the ever expanding wastebins of time (as one wiseman once put it) and USSR issued VST keyboards from Mars! More to come, Peace and Love!"

01. Watch the Clock (Part 1)
02. Watch the Clock (Part 2)
03. Watch the Clock (Part 3)
04. Watch the Clock (Part 4)
05. Watch the Clock (Part 5)

Download here from Jerky Oats:


Monday, February 7, 2011

Terminal Window

Available as a free download from Jerky Oats Records: Terminal Window - The FSOLBoard Album. Created and collected together into one sweeping weird and wonderful soundscape. 14 beautiful photographs taken by Pandemonium accompany the album, not looking too far from ready to be printed into a sell-able CD.

"Terminal Window is a music project from FSOLBoard, a community of Future Sound of London fans on the internet. Artists on the board were invited to contribute tracks and collaborations to
the album, given nothing but the title Terminal Window. The final record holds together incredibly well as an individual album, merging ambient breaks from the likes of Loose Link and Noisesurfer with more traditional ambience of Off Land and cubus, and more experimental sounds from Herd and Full-Source. This wide range of styles, knitted together into a single journey, leaves the album sounding not a million miles away from FSOL themselves."

01. Noisesurfer - Undomain
02. Loose Link - Electromagnetic Sound Nursery
03. cubus - Ratsshake tramadol Pseuccele
04. Herd - Tangent 43
05. Clockwork Keyboard - Clockwork Freakout
06. Second Thought - 1801-F.Deletion
07. Off Land - 13th Century Kitichi
08. Noisesurfer - Journey to the Moon
09. Full-Source - Nothing Days
10. Herd - Terminal Window
11. Second Thought - First Understanding
12. Clockwork Keyboard - Techwork Horror
13. Loose Link - Design Defect
14. Herd & Second Thought - Combiner

Download here:


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Terminal Window Cover Art

Forthcoming on the Jerky Oats netlabel, a mp3 compliation featuring music from members of a Future Sound Of London fan forum, each member contributes 2 tracks each, for a grand total of 14 different tracks all mixed into one seamless soundscape by Ross Baker. Features two unreleased Loose Link tracks and two Clockwork Keyboard tracks (a musical pairing I was involved with, more on that soon) To be available for free download soon.

The cover art was made by Herd, one of the artists featuring, he has prints available here:


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loose Link - Soundcloud Nine (Hour Long Mix)

Brand new mix by Loose Link: SOUNDCLOUD NINE.

Featuring over 70 different artists and songs, all available in streaming or download form on Soundcloud, all mixed into one hour long yummy mix, Ambient, D'n'B, Dubstep, Glitch, the kitchen sink... enjoy!:

Shapeshifter - The Longest Day (Ambient Stopscape Remix)
GON7O - Klarient Ang
Loose Link - Kisp
Shapeshifter - Been Missing
Turbo Plorre - Alter Wat Is Heir Los
Cloudcycle - Spore
Hoehle - Tank Dub
Michael Jackson - Beat It (Doctor Werewolf Remix)
Sven Mayer - Cancel
Cloudcycle - Chemtrails
DJ Krush Vs Boards Of Canada - Nosferatu (Zen Lunatic Mix)
Jubei & Ulterior Motive - Tevatron
Cloudcycle - Mysterion
Lupid Ocampo - Distant Field
Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro (Noise In The Surfer Mix)
Tom Cosm - I Can Not Believe I Did This...
Technasia - Force (Psypod Remix)
Cloudcycle - Spore
Deadmau5 - Chops 'n' Mash (Doctor Werewolf Uber-Edit)
The Human Experience - The Only Thing Constant Is That All Things Change
Encym - Elegie
Textual Being - Winter Sky
Bong Load Records - Rollin' Tumblin' (Tom Rothrock's AJ M3 Remix)
RWK - What (Instrumental)
Pye Corner Audio - Unmarked Reel Two, Track One
Rollin Fire - Funkstar
Sasko - Abyss
Darage Bang - Lullunium
ManHunt - The Dream (Rebirth Of Amen)
Nesta Talmadge - Your Love (Featuring Rick Britto)
Soundgrenade - Stay 4
Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Parallax Breakz Atmospheric D'n'B Remix)
Put Beyond Use - Bolt Gun
Kane44 Vs Jim Morrison - Stoned Immaculate
Broadcast - Poem Of Dead Song (Ok Sure Remix)
The Dybbuk Quartet - The Old Piano From 133
Esoteric Sob - Egomania (Featuring Cella Door)
Schrodinger's Dog - nGcO
Numbjac - Night (EdS)
Proj3ct Mayh3m - Beateater
ToxFX - Destino
Robschro - Quarterchange
Schrodinger's Dog - Lost Ghosts
Eddie Pedalo - Debris
Dinimicula Duo - Dinimicula
Breakdown - Interlude
Chaunceyc - 1 Minute Counterpoint
['tima] - Human Form
Riccardo Suriab - Tech Ambient
Time Warp - Now More Than Ever (Hendy The Ripper Remix)
Abdomen Burst - Feel Me (Dub-Step Version)
Jedi Caesar - China
Moonfire Productions - Earth Badge / Caspa - Where's My Money?
Simon Tempa - Dub Step
SoNic Smith - Silicon Rain
The Wercs Crew - Hands Up
I-dex - Mart
Xtrngr - Squares
Proxima4 - Triangle Of Light
B.I.B - War Sounds
STR?NGR - Teardown
Inventor - Landscape
Eight One Three - Untitled (Bring Me The Sun)
Offland - Drain Pipe
Foulv - The Trumpet Machine
Kid Atari - Weed Fourty One
Slamagotchi - Obey
Kid Atari - Neutronbomb
The Land Of - Tape And Tear
Damn You Mongolians - Say Goodbye

Free to download.

Mixed By Craig Gillman aka Loose Link,
All tracks used belong to their creators, share the love and give a fave and comment to them :)
Happy New 2011!

Soundcloud Nine (Hour Long Mix) by Loose Link