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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Loose Link - Electron Mace EP

Out now on Jerky Oats, my new 13 track "EP":

"Loose Link's second release, the Electron Mace EP charts a gradual move away from his debut album, towards a more fractured sound, with samples, loops and beats fitting together in a less logical, more abstract manner. The first five tracks are all reworkings by Loose Link himself, while the second half of the package finds remixes in various styles, from the Euro-dance leanings of Dinimiciúla Duo, Option Command's more modern computer cool, cubus and Human
Robot's ambience, Second Thought's acid house and Flying Battery's computer catchy computer game jingle."

01. Electron Mace (Original)
02. Electron Mace (Chaotic Sweep)
03. Electron Mace (Engine)
04. Electron Mace (Pitch Hits)
05. Electron Mace (Exact Extracts)
06. Electron Mace (Sven Meyer Remix)
07. Electron Mace (Option Command Remix)
08. Electron Mace (Second Thought Remix)
09. Electron Mace (cubus Remix)
10. Electron Mace (Clockwork Keyboard Remix)
11. Electron Mace (Dinimiciúla Duo Remix)
12. Electron Mace (Flying Battery Remix)
13. Electron Mace (Human Robot Interaction Remix)

Very humbling to have your own tracks remixed by other people, especially if those people are from many corners of the globe (Ireland, the UK, Australia, USA, Spain and Germany). Very exciting release, and it's free to download!:


This is dedicated to those lost in the devastating Christchurch Quake that hit on February the 22nd, 167 confirmed dead so far...

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