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Monday, February 21, 2011

Everyday's Christmas!

Get out of your tradition and have a Christmas day near the end of February with the latest Senselessness comic!:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loose Link Included On Upcoming Remix Album

Loose Link's remix of the Second Thought track "Kelpie" will feature on his upcoming remix album "Songs Of The Emptying Race". The album also features remixes of past Second Thought tracks by Full-Source, Seafar, Merganser and more, plus 3 more tracks by Second Thought himself, and a recording from his latest liveset at Awakenings 2011:

Hulme (Mystified Remix)
Rooftops (Part 3)
Canal Seven (New Junction)
Meltwater (Off Land Recon)
Send More Bees (Sned Moor Bess)
Envtza (Aztvne)
Street (Tyrol mix)
Clouded (Austin Cassell Remix)
Moss (Merganser Remix)
Fences (Full-Source Remix)
Tekeli-li (Seafar Remix)
Parin Onia (Treatment)
Ice Shelf (Validine Chronus Remix)
Branches (Gliese 614 Remix)
Tiwhwias (Our King Is Dead! Retreat To The Sewers!)
Rooms (Brillman Remix)
Night Train (Live at Awakenings 2011)
Kelpie (Loose Link Remix)
Borderline (Mercurial Remix)

Available for download sometime in March.

"Kelpie" comes from Second Thought's third full album "Safernoc" which is available for download from FSOLDigital, the Future Sound Of London's online music store. Download costs £5:



Monday, February 14, 2011

Clockwork Keyboard - Watch The Clock EP

A collaboration between me and Joachim Rontxelius from Spain, what started off as a simple request to collaborate on a song for Random Proportions has turned into a full fledged project, which starts here. Close to 30 minutes of sweeping Clockscapes and toetapping Keybeats. This multi-part EP serves as a preview of what lies ahead, watch your clock...

"Composed deep within Keyclock Station, the Watch the Clock EP starts the journey, between brothers J. Drone from Spain and C. Channel from New Zealand, to collaborate and export different musical ideas using various equipment, the ever expanding wastebins of time (as one wiseman once put it) and USSR issued VST keyboards from Mars! More to come, Peace and Love!"

01. Watch the Clock (Part 1)
02. Watch the Clock (Part 2)
03. Watch the Clock (Part 3)
04. Watch the Clock (Part 4)
05. Watch the Clock (Part 5)

Download here from Jerky Oats:


Monday, February 7, 2011

Terminal Window

Available as a free download from Jerky Oats Records: Terminal Window - The FSOLBoard Album. Created and collected together into one sweeping weird and wonderful soundscape. 14 beautiful photographs taken by Pandemonium accompany the album, not looking too far from ready to be printed into a sell-able CD.

"Terminal Window is a music project from FSOLBoard, a community of Future Sound of London fans on the internet. Artists on the board were invited to contribute tracks and collaborations to
the album, given nothing but the title Terminal Window. The final record holds together incredibly well as an individual album, merging ambient breaks from the likes of Loose Link and Noisesurfer with more traditional ambience of Off Land and cubus, and more experimental sounds from Herd and Full-Source. This wide range of styles, knitted together into a single journey, leaves the album sounding not a million miles away from FSOL themselves."

01. Noisesurfer - Undomain
02. Loose Link - Electromagnetic Sound Nursery
03. cubus - Ratsshake tramadol Pseuccele
04. Herd - Tangent 43
05. Clockwork Keyboard - Clockwork Freakout
06. Second Thought - 1801-F.Deletion
07. Off Land - 13th Century Kitichi
08. Noisesurfer - Journey to the Moon
09. Full-Source - Nothing Days
10. Herd - Terminal Window
11. Second Thought - First Understanding
12. Clockwork Keyboard - Techwork Horror
13. Loose Link - Design Defect
14. Herd & Second Thought - Combiner

Download here:


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Terminal Window Cover Art

Forthcoming on the Jerky Oats netlabel, a mp3 compliation featuring music from members of a Future Sound Of London fan forum, each member contributes 2 tracks each, for a grand total of 14 different tracks all mixed into one seamless soundscape by Ross Baker. Features two unreleased Loose Link tracks and two Clockwork Keyboard tracks (a musical pairing I was involved with, more on that soon) To be available for free download soon.

The cover art was made by Herd, one of the artists featuring, he has prints available here: