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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Noisesurfer – From Sunday Off Land Part 2

A couple of Loose Link tracks and a Clockwork Keyboard track are included on Joachim Rontxelius & Raquel Moraledius's latest Noisesurfer mix for the mixtape website The New Worck. From Sunday Off Land Part 2 is their second mix for the site and an awesomely massive sounding and superbly mixed electro ambient scape, that also features a fair amount of their own work and other music by Jack Anderton, Robert Fripp, Second Thought, cubus, FSOL, Amon Tobin and more:

Jack Anderton – Aerofoil (Extract)
Robert Fripp – 1989 (Extract)
Noisesurfer – Heavenly Music Entertaiment
Clockwork Keyboard – Watch The Clock (Part5)
Noisesurfer – Nebulosa Delay
FSOL – Deseo Reconstruction #2 (Jon Anderson Speed Deep)
Noisesurfer – Fade Cross To You (Ethnoindigo Mix) Part 7
Second Thought Tekeli – Li (Seafar Mix)
Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head
Loose Link – Ghost Protocol
Tetsu Inoe – Mini Moon
Noisesurfer – Intro To Album 1
Jack Anderton – Vertical Load
Cubus – Nicht Fur Alali
Herd – Tangent 33
Heads Of Agreements – Cow_Fxd
Ethnotronic – Indo Sonoro Part 2
Amon Tobin – Always
Noisesurfer – Fuzzion
Noisesurfer – Enology
Fsol – ISDN Environments Remixed
Second Thought – Memories Of Shanford (Live)
Loose Link – Random Proportions
Neotropic – Cornershop Candy
Ulver – The Future Sound Of Music
Noisesurfer – Migraine
Noisesurfer – Bongo Bong
Daniel Pemberton – Sleepy Little Planet (Mixed)

Listen here (right click and save to download):



I've donated one of my drawings and also designed the latest Noisesurfer album not too long back. Counter is a surprisingly fun and rhythmic record "in comparison to the earlier fuzzy lo-fi ambient techno the duo worked on" in the past. It is available to download from the Japanese netlabel Bump Foot:


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome To Whitestone

Loose Link - The Many Things EP

Available now:

New from Loose Link, The Many Things EP contains outtakes and alternative versions from the Random Proportions sessions, mixed together in a 20 plus minute journey. It's free to download from Recycling Records, a netlabel from Poland that promotes "sound recycling", a label "established to promote the idea of plunderphonics by publishing recordings of experimental, ambient, noisy and avantgarde music based on portions of already existing songs."

Special thanks to Mateusz Krawczyk for hosting.

1. I Remember Many Things (EP Version)
2. I Remember Many Things (Glitch Soul)
3. N'n'CD'n'B
4. Secret Mission
5. Supercollider (Alternative Version)

Download here: