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Monday, August 19, 2013

EccoPlex© - Transmission 1.0

There is now a new spin-off series to TR, this time dedicated to Vaporwave, from funky disco to dark nostalgic soundscapes, this is one enjoyable journey!:

Welcome to the newly constructed EccoPlex© Virtual Plaza, located within the Soundcloud Entertainment District. Each month the eight stores within will change around to provide you with the most tripped out and comprehensive collection of Vaporwave and soundscape products around! Our friendly staff will provide you with reliable service as you explore our hazy neon flushed surroundings.

Exclusive products on sale this month from: べたTOPAZ GANG = LUXURY ELITE = 日本人 (( japanese )) = NMΞSH = b o d y l i n e = LOOSE LINK = 회사AUTO =&= COINSTARR

We hope you enjoy your stay! Stay tuned for future news and store changes at EccoPlex©

Free stream, download and tracklisting here:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Terminal Radio X

This month we cross the interstellar ditch to Neo-America to cross a new path with promising newcomer IMPURFEKT, where he has provided us with an awe-inspiring selection of work from his upcoming fourth album "Crawling". Before leaving we also take a new trip with DJ MYTHOS, host of the MYTHIC BEAT radio show on ArtXFM. CUBUS makes a long welcome return to the series with a brand new wonderful adventure, and HALFTRIBE also returns with another exclusive mix. We continue admiring NOISESURFER's Smokin' Rooms, take a dive into ROSS BAKER's Psychedelic Headspace and follow OFF LAND through the wonders of his time and space, before we lastly get treated with special re-workings of the ever-creative FIVE MINUTES ALONE, as he plants a few more into your brain from his Garden Of Static Decay!

Along with a selection of the latest releases from FSOLDIGITAL, this is set to be one epic show! Enjoy the trip and see you next month!

Tracklisting and Soundcloud Download:

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Terminal Radio On Pinterest

Terminal Radio is now on Pinterest. It will visualise the series so far, featuring everyone and everything related to the series so far. Once its up to date it would be a good place to keep up with releases and activities of TR and its contributors as well:


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TR Regular Nmesh On The Mythic Beat

TR resident Nmesh has guested on the latest edition of the Mythic Beat, hosted by DJ Mythos and broadcasting on ArtxFM over at Louisville, Kentucky. The 2 hour show features a 45 minute Nmeshalluciation mix and an interview with Nmesh where he gives abit of creative insight, what he's up to next and talks about Terminal Radio. Listen to the entire 2 hour show here:

And the 45 minute mix by itself by Nmesh here!:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Terminal Radio 8

Left Click For Full Picture
Tonight is a show of many returns! S. A. FRED returns for another round, J. HARTMANN returns from Volume 6, LINGUA LUSTRA returns from Volume 4, this time under the alias SPHERIC AL which he uses for his new Fnoob radioshow INDIGO DREAMS, and finally SVEN MEYER comes back from a long break since Volume 3. Phew!
New faces and names this month are SHARKWEEK, another psyambient artist from New Zealand giving us a 15 minute longform FSOL tribute, and LOOSE LINK and FIVE MINUTES ALONE unite to become ANALOG DREAMS, prepeared to give you a wild beautiful trip while previewing tracks from their forthcoming debut EP out later this year.
ROSS BAKER's beautiful Wind Up Bird Chronicle continues also, and AKKYA delivers his own FSOL tribute with a 30 track monster mixing all your favourite FSOL tracks together, and then some!

Also playing monthly on Fnoob Underground Radio:

Come visit us:

Enjoy the trip, see you next month!

Tracklisting and Soundcloud Download, over 120 tracks in two hours!:


Friday, May 17, 2013

Terminal Radio 7

Left Click For Full Picture

Tonight its our great pleasure to welcome FUTURESIGHT: also known as ALAN DOUGANS; the brother of one half of THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, he is a man of 555 Moving Emotions and all of them just awe-inspiring, we also welcome radio host DF TRAM, he hosts AMBI-SONIC on FNOOB.COM and he kindly gives us a weird and wonderful trip, last but not least we also welcome S. A. FRED, a prolific German producer and FSOL fan who takes us on a technically wonderful ride, NMESH returns to continue the surgery, as does LOOSE LINK who shares his experiences so far in the "mean" streets of London, ROSS BAKER and AKKYA continue their parallel trips through the countryside and through space, and lastly OFF LAND returns to sooth our senses from tonight's action-packed show with his newly developed auralogical Stimulus Variant!

Download and tracklist:





Quite an action packed show this time, almost 100 tracks! The many great newcomers this time makes this show quite special, it was a joy putting this one together.. Enjoy the trip and see you next month!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Terminal Radio 6

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Tonight we witness an end and a beginning: we say goodbye to CUBUS's Lovely New Thing with the fifth and final part to his epic mix, we also start off an amazing four-parter by ROSS BAKER called "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle". Newcomers this month are prolific Portuguese mixmaster J. HARTMANN and ahead of his upcoming album on Apollo Records: HALFTRIBE. We also welcome back HERD with a mix of leftover Tangents that never made it to his official releases, and the DARK ELECTRONIC POETS with a recent decent with William S. Burroughs, with NOISESURFER taking the solo seat with a toe-tapping Spanish/worldwide mixtape, finally somewhere out in the desert AKKYA takes LSD and travels with Jim Morrison to explore the Psychedelic Development Of Our Unified Conciousness!

Artwork by HERD

Organised and inbetween Stopscapes by Loose Link
Radio spots by Asia Ludlow, Nmesh, Loose Link and Off Land

Come visit us at: www.fsolboard.co.uk

Download and tracklist:




Enjoy the trip, see you next month!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

808 State - Joyrider (A Wild Pitch Mix By Loose Link)

One of the first remixes I was ever going to do as Loose Link, now finished and dusted! Original track by 808 State, from their terrific album Don Solaris from 1996:


Monday, April 8, 2013

TR6 Ad

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Terminal Radio 6 will be streaming through Fnoob Underground Radio on Tuesday April 16, 8 - 10pm GMT, along with the return of Herd and The Dark Electronic Poets, we welcome to the series Portuguese mixmaster J. Hartmann and ambient peacemaker Halftribe, who Akkya has remixed in the past, here's their work until then:



Enjoy the trip!


Terminal Radio 5

Left Click For Full Picture

This month on an exciting Volume 5 we welcome, close FSOL friend: SEAFAR! And also we welcome lighthearted Kiwi samplers MALTY MEDIA! into the series. Then we travel a train line from London that goes STRAIGHT to a place you've never heard before with ROSS BAKER and SAINT HELENA DOVE: together as MERGANSER!, before we resume the excellent trips of NMESH, AKKYA, OFF LAND and cubus! Finally we come back to an island near Greece to celebrate life and all it's beauty again with FIVE MINUTES ALONE!
Come visit us at: www.fsolboard.co.uk
Enjoy the trip!
Artwork by HERD
Organised and inbetween Stopscapes by Loose Link
Radio spots by Asia Ludlow, Nmesh, Loose Link and Off Land

Download and tracklist here:


Special thanks to all the mixers and listeners!

Artist Links
Seafar - @seafar
Malty Media - @malty-media
Merganser - secondthought.co.uk/merganser
Nmesh - @nmesh
Akkya - @akkya
Off Land - @offland-1
cubus - www.ilovecubus.co.uk/v2/
Five Minutes Alone - @five-minutes-alone
Jet Jaguar - @nonwrestler
Aquaboogie - aquaboogie.gen.nz/

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nmesh - Terminal Interface (Loose Link Remix)

My brand new remix of Nmesh's Terminal Interface is up on my Soundcloud page:

You can find the original track on Terminal Window 2, which you can grab along with the first volume here:


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Terminal Radio 4

Get set for an epic trip!:

Left Click For Full Picture

This month we invite plenty of new guests and newcomers to the show: first we have Neotropic aka Riz Maslen premiering brand new material, the first part of her Tohan Tales project about her time spent in the remote village of Tumbang Tohan, Borneo. This is the first part of many that will be appearing throughout this year, we then welcome back Off Land after his latest successful Kickstarter for his new album through Psychonavigation Records with a brand new two-parter, both Nmesh and cubus continue to deliver the goods before we welcome DVNT to give us a Darkfloor spin of the classic FSOL Essential Mixes while also premiering exclusive tracks of artists from his label, DJ Heisa, owner of the New Worck website joins the room to give us a further dark spin, we also welcome Lingua Lustra from the Netherlands bringing along a few of his tracks, and finally as a storm looms overhead Loose Link and Ross Baker join forces as Sturmazdale to try and entertain and warm us. 

Enjoy the trip!

Download a copy on Soundcloud:

As mentioned before you can now catch each monthly mix first on Fnoob Radio:


It started off in the Underground channel, premiering on Friday, February the 22nd. Next episode onward it will be playing on the Ambient channel on a Tuesday night. Its added to the rotation so click on these at the main page at any time and you could hear it:

Or visit the show page for the archive:


Next month we welcome back Five Minutes Alone and Akkya for another 15 each, Ross Baker and Saint Helena Dove join forces as Merganser, plus we welcome two newcomers to the series: lighthearted New Zealand samplers Malty Media, and a close friend of FSOL who goes by the name of Seafar.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Terminal Radio Sampler Mix

There's a sampler mix available on the New Worck mix tape website, covering the first three volumes of Terminal Radio, cheers to Schrobbejak aka DJ Heisa:


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Terminal Radio 3

The universes converge for a third time!:

Left Click For Full Picture
Volume 3 features mixes by Nmesh, cubus, Five Minutes Alone, Sven Meyer, Akkya, Noisesurfer, Ross Baker and Loose Link. Quite a sad, moving trip this one, though it does get happier at the end.

We start off with Joe Luke by Neotropic, taken from her new DVD on FSOLDigital called Small Moves:

Download a copy on Soundcloud:



Cover Art by the always excellent Herd:

FSOLBoard: http://www.fsolboard.co.uk
Terminal Window: http://terminalwindow.bandcamp.com

Next month is going to be very exciting, a heap of guests and newcomers will be providing mixes alongside us regulars, including DVNT aka Mike Darkfloor, and Riz Maslen aka Neotropic who will premiere brand new material, the first part of her new project that will be appearing all over the internet throughout this year.

Terminal Radio will also entered the internet radio realm. Volume 4 will broadcast first on Fnoob Underground Radio on February the 25th between 8pm - 10pm GMT, then posted on Soundcloud/Mixcloud later.