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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Terminal Radio 6

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Tonight we witness an end and a beginning: we say goodbye to CUBUS's Lovely New Thing with the fifth and final part to his epic mix, we also start off an amazing four-parter by ROSS BAKER called "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle". Newcomers this month are prolific Portuguese mixmaster J. HARTMANN and ahead of his upcoming album on Apollo Records: HALFTRIBE. We also welcome back HERD with a mix of leftover Tangents that never made it to his official releases, and the DARK ELECTRONIC POETS with a recent decent with William S. Burroughs, with NOISESURFER taking the solo seat with a toe-tapping Spanish/worldwide mixtape, finally somewhere out in the desert AKKYA takes LSD and travels with Jim Morrison to explore the Psychedelic Development Of Our Unified Conciousness!

Artwork by HERD

Organised and inbetween Stopscapes by Loose Link
Radio spots by Asia Ludlow, Nmesh, Loose Link and Off Land

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Download and tracklist:




Enjoy the trip, see you next month!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

808 State - Joyrider (A Wild Pitch Mix By Loose Link)

One of the first remixes I was ever going to do as Loose Link, now finished and dusted! Original track by 808 State, from their terrific album Don Solaris from 1996:


Monday, April 8, 2013

TR6 Ad

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Terminal Radio 6 will be streaming through Fnoob Underground Radio on Tuesday April 16, 8 - 10pm GMT, along with the return of Herd and The Dark Electronic Poets, we welcome to the series Portuguese mixmaster J. Hartmann and ambient peacemaker Halftribe, who Akkya has remixed in the past, here's their work until then:



Enjoy the trip!


Terminal Radio 5

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This month on an exciting Volume 5 we welcome, close FSOL friend: SEAFAR! And also we welcome lighthearted Kiwi samplers MALTY MEDIA! into the series. Then we travel a train line from London that goes STRAIGHT to a place you've never heard before with ROSS BAKER and SAINT HELENA DOVE: together as MERGANSER!, before we resume the excellent trips of NMESH, AKKYA, OFF LAND and cubus! Finally we come back to an island near Greece to celebrate life and all it's beauty again with FIVE MINUTES ALONE!
Come visit us at: www.fsolboard.co.uk
Enjoy the trip!
Artwork by HERD
Organised and inbetween Stopscapes by Loose Link
Radio spots by Asia Ludlow, Nmesh, Loose Link and Off Land

Download and tracklist here:


Special thanks to all the mixers and listeners!

Artist Links
Seafar - @seafar
Malty Media - @malty-media
Merganser - secondthought.co.uk/merganser
Nmesh - @nmesh
Akkya - @akkya
Off Land - @offland-1
cubus - www.ilovecubus.co.uk/v2/
Five Minutes Alone - @five-minutes-alone
Jet Jaguar - @nonwrestler
Aquaboogie - aquaboogie.gen.nz/