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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Noisesurfer – From Sunday Off Land Part 2

A couple of Loose Link tracks and a Clockwork Keyboard track are included on Joachim Rontxelius & Raquel Moraledius's latest Noisesurfer mix for the mixtape website The New Worck. From Sunday Off Land Part 2 is their second mix for the site and an awesomely massive sounding and superbly mixed electro ambient scape, that also features a fair amount of their own work and other music by Jack Anderton, Robert Fripp, Second Thought, cubus, FSOL, Amon Tobin and more:

Jack Anderton – Aerofoil (Extract)
Robert Fripp – 1989 (Extract)
Noisesurfer – Heavenly Music Entertaiment
Clockwork Keyboard – Watch The Clock (Part5)
Noisesurfer – Nebulosa Delay
FSOL – Deseo Reconstruction #2 (Jon Anderson Speed Deep)
Noisesurfer – Fade Cross To You (Ethnoindigo Mix) Part 7
Second Thought Tekeli – Li (Seafar Mix)
Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head
Loose Link – Ghost Protocol
Tetsu Inoe – Mini Moon
Noisesurfer – Intro To Album 1
Jack Anderton – Vertical Load
Cubus – Nicht Fur Alali
Herd – Tangent 33
Heads Of Agreements – Cow_Fxd
Ethnotronic – Indo Sonoro Part 2
Amon Tobin – Always
Noisesurfer – Fuzzion
Noisesurfer – Enology
Fsol – ISDN Environments Remixed
Second Thought – Memories Of Shanford (Live)
Loose Link – Random Proportions
Neotropic – Cornershop Candy
Ulver – The Future Sound Of Music
Noisesurfer – Migraine
Noisesurfer – Bongo Bong
Daniel Pemberton – Sleepy Little Planet (Mixed)

Listen here (right click and save to download):



I've donated one of my drawings and also designed the latest Noisesurfer album not too long back. Counter is a surprisingly fun and rhythmic record "in comparison to the earlier fuzzy lo-fi ambient techno the duo worked on" in the past. It is available to download from the Japanese netlabel Bump Foot:


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