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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loose Link Included On Upcoming Remix Album

Loose Link's remix of the Second Thought track "Kelpie" will feature on his upcoming remix album "Songs Of The Emptying Race". The album also features remixes of past Second Thought tracks by Full-Source, Seafar, Merganser and more, plus 3 more tracks by Second Thought himself, and a recording from his latest liveset at Awakenings 2011:

Hulme (Mystified Remix)
Rooftops (Part 3)
Canal Seven (New Junction)
Meltwater (Off Land Recon)
Send More Bees (Sned Moor Bess)
Envtza (Aztvne)
Street (Tyrol mix)
Clouded (Austin Cassell Remix)
Moss (Merganser Remix)
Fences (Full-Source Remix)
Tekeli-li (Seafar Remix)
Parin Onia (Treatment)
Ice Shelf (Validine Chronus Remix)
Branches (Gliese 614 Remix)
Tiwhwias (Our King Is Dead! Retreat To The Sewers!)
Rooms (Brillman Remix)
Night Train (Live at Awakenings 2011)
Kelpie (Loose Link Remix)
Borderline (Mercurial Remix)

Available for download sometime in March.

"Kelpie" comes from Second Thought's third full album "Safernoc" which is available for download from FSOLDigital, the Future Sound Of London's online music store. Download costs £5:



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