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Monday, February 14, 2011

Clockwork Keyboard - Watch The Clock EP

A collaboration between me and Joachim Rontxelius from Spain, what started off as a simple request to collaborate on a song for Random Proportions has turned into a full fledged project, which starts here. Close to 30 minutes of sweeping Clockscapes and toetapping Keybeats. This multi-part EP serves as a preview of what lies ahead, watch your clock...

"Composed deep within Keyclock Station, the Watch the Clock EP starts the journey, between brothers J. Drone from Spain and C. Channel from New Zealand, to collaborate and export different musical ideas using various equipment, the ever expanding wastebins of time (as one wiseman once put it) and USSR issued VST keyboards from Mars! More to come, Peace and Love!"

01. Watch the Clock (Part 1)
02. Watch the Clock (Part 2)
03. Watch the Clock (Part 3)
04. Watch the Clock (Part 4)
05. Watch the Clock (Part 5)

Download here from Jerky Oats:


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