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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loose Link - Soundcloud Nine (Hour Long Mix)

Brand new mix by Loose Link: SOUNDCLOUD NINE.

Featuring over 70 different artists and songs, all available in streaming or download form on Soundcloud, all mixed into one hour long yummy mix, Ambient, D'n'B, Dubstep, Glitch, the kitchen sink... enjoy!:

Shapeshifter - The Longest Day (Ambient Stopscape Remix)
GON7O - Klarient Ang
Loose Link - Kisp
Shapeshifter - Been Missing
Turbo Plorre - Alter Wat Is Heir Los
Cloudcycle - Spore
Hoehle - Tank Dub
Michael Jackson - Beat It (Doctor Werewolf Remix)
Sven Mayer - Cancel
Cloudcycle - Chemtrails
DJ Krush Vs Boards Of Canada - Nosferatu (Zen Lunatic Mix)
Jubei & Ulterior Motive - Tevatron
Cloudcycle - Mysterion
Lupid Ocampo - Distant Field
Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro (Noise In The Surfer Mix)
Tom Cosm - I Can Not Believe I Did This...
Technasia - Force (Psypod Remix)
Cloudcycle - Spore
Deadmau5 - Chops 'n' Mash (Doctor Werewolf Uber-Edit)
The Human Experience - The Only Thing Constant Is That All Things Change
Encym - Elegie
Textual Being - Winter Sky
Bong Load Records - Rollin' Tumblin' (Tom Rothrock's AJ M3 Remix)
RWK - What (Instrumental)
Pye Corner Audio - Unmarked Reel Two, Track One
Rollin Fire - Funkstar
Sasko - Abyss
Darage Bang - Lullunium
ManHunt - The Dream (Rebirth Of Amen)
Nesta Talmadge - Your Love (Featuring Rick Britto)
Soundgrenade - Stay 4
Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Parallax Breakz Atmospheric D'n'B Remix)
Put Beyond Use - Bolt Gun
Kane44 Vs Jim Morrison - Stoned Immaculate
Broadcast - Poem Of Dead Song (Ok Sure Remix)
The Dybbuk Quartet - The Old Piano From 133
Esoteric Sob - Egomania (Featuring Cella Door)
Schrodinger's Dog - nGcO
Numbjac - Night (EdS)
Proj3ct Mayh3m - Beateater
ToxFX - Destino
Robschro - Quarterchange
Schrodinger's Dog - Lost Ghosts
Eddie Pedalo - Debris
Dinimicula Duo - Dinimicula
Breakdown - Interlude
Chaunceyc - 1 Minute Counterpoint
['tima] - Human Form
Riccardo Suriab - Tech Ambient
Time Warp - Now More Than Ever (Hendy The Ripper Remix)
Abdomen Burst - Feel Me (Dub-Step Version)
Jedi Caesar - China
Moonfire Productions - Earth Badge / Caspa - Where's My Money?
Simon Tempa - Dub Step
SoNic Smith - Silicon Rain
The Wercs Crew - Hands Up
I-dex - Mart
Xtrngr - Squares
Proxima4 - Triangle Of Light
B.I.B - War Sounds
STR?NGR - Teardown
Inventor - Landscape
Eight One Three - Untitled (Bring Me The Sun)
Offland - Drain Pipe
Foulv - The Trumpet Machine
Kid Atari - Weed Fourty One
Slamagotchi - Obey
Kid Atari - Neutronbomb
The Land Of - Tape And Tear
Damn You Mongolians - Say Goodbye

Free to download.

Mixed By Craig Gillman aka Loose Link,
All tracks used belong to their creators, share the love and give a fave and comment to them :)
Happy New 2011!

Soundcloud Nine (Hour Long Mix) by Loose Link

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