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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bit Of A Catch Up

First up:


I have a brand new site devoted to my illustrations. 230 comic pages and 50 separate illustrations up so far. I will be working on new ones plus updating and finishing older ones and will put them up there.

Now, music wise:

Karramantha is out now on the French netlabel Sirona Records. Maaaaassive record featuring 14 remixes totaling everything to over 90 minutes. Each track is different lots of variety!:


01 - Karramantha (Intro)
02 - Karramantha
03 - Karramantha (Loose Link Remix)
04 - Karramantha (['tima] Remix)
05 - Karramantha (Jostle Throng's Ratatak Remix)
06 - Karramantha (Sven Meyer Remix)
07 - Karramantha (Ok Sure Remix 2)
08 - Karramantha (JRK Remix)
09 - Karramantha (Lupid Ocampo Remix)
10 - Karramantha (Treatment)
11 - Karramantha (Dinosaur Youth Remix)
12 - Karramantha (Clockwork Keyboard Remix 2)
13 - Karramantha (Dinimiciúla Duo Remix)
14 - Karramantha (PSvils Remix)
15 - Karramantha (Noiseseurfer Remix)
16 - Karramantha (Ok Sure Remix 1)
17 - Karramantha (Joetox's Spitfire Remix)
18 - Karramantha (Clockwork Keyboard Remix 1)
19 - Karramantha (Cubus Remix Parts 1 and 2)


Also on Sirona:


Many thanks to Arnard Barbe for hosting both!

His label:

And his personal music site, he goes under the name Pollux:

Also, a new mix by my ambient alias, Stopscape has been up on New Worck for a bit. 70 artists in 70 minutes:


Lastly, lifewise. I have moved to Melbourne Australia. Settling in and getting to know the place, new opportunities afoot!

And, that's it I think, phew...

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