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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Upcoming Music: Stopscape and Karramantha

Out on August 12 on Itsu Jitsu, Can't Quite Recall is an experimental abstract soundscape that's been in the making for a while, with bits and pieces of it appearing in all my previous mixes. But its now finally seeing a release thanks to Jason Kavanagh! It's the first one under the Stopscape alias, a name I'd like to use again sometime.

Cover is a work in progress.

The next Loose Link related release is Karramantha, a glitch-step collaboration with Option Command. It will feature tracks by us plus many different awesome remixes, so far including FSOLboard natives Ross Baker, Noisesurfer and cubus. Tracks are still being worked on and many more remixes are forthcoming hopefully! Here's a preview:

The Original Karramantha, work in progress:

['tima] Remix:

Dinimiciúla Duo Remix:

Sven Meyer Remix:

I'm on the look out for more remixes too, so if you'd like to have a go give me a message and download the sample pack:

This release doubles as a soundtrack to a science fiction animation I'm working on. A prequel of sorts to a much larger story I've had in my head for ages. It will be a flash animation and it will be posted at places like Vimeo and youtube. The cover of the album is one frame I'm working on from the animation.

One more thing... Junk Moon progress: its getting there.

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