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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Current Animated Projects

Even though I'm thinking about many, I am currently working on two different animated projects, one is Gospels From The Ark: Junk Moon with Kate Ann Morris, and the other is Secret Agent Blokes with Shining Dove.

Episode 1 of Junk Moon is charging along quite nicely, the trailer for that was well received.

Secret Agent Blokes will eventually come in two forms, one of them being a three to five minute pilot episode. Shining and I have started a blog to track its total process. You'll be able to read more of what its about there, plus have looks at the script, storyboards, draft and eventually finished glimpses of animation, character designs and more. It will be updated over time, if you are an animator, musician, fx, editor or writer then extra help is very welcome:



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