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Monday, February 15, 2010


Preview #5:

The last preview for now, another "book" I'm planning for this year is Senselessness.

This one will contain my more recent "comic" stuff. As of now I'm thinking of myself of a storyteller, instead of a slipper of gags and comics. I came into this realization when I worked on Dream Of The Foetus and Patent Thinking (And a "Big One", I'll tell more when ready). I made a new goal for myself to more away from producing solidly just comics and more into the general method of "telling stories", whatever it leads to film, sound, games etc, it'll be up to me (unless you become my girlfriend and eventually demoralize me...).

... although, when I made this decision, out of my head came 100s and 100s of different gag strips that I thought I had to draw... how ironic...

But, looking at it more, this would represent a new opportunity for me. These are quick, no-bull strips, not as detailed yet clear enough for people to get the message...

... might make a good webcomic...

As of now, when my brain allows it, I'm working on these lil' guys as I would be producing a book, then I'll go back on the computer and seperate these into webcomic formats. For what I have now I'd probably have enough to last well over a scheduled year.

Later on, I'll pick the best and orgainise them into a publishable comic, might even include brand new ones when the time comes.

Generally these strips will be like my Earlier Ons, nice and stupid and possibly amusing... this time though I'm going to aim for things that I'll know people will get, comedy that's more along the lines of The Simpsons, Family Guy or Pulp Sport. Not to much arty expressions for arty-ness sake... More cultural references, more things that relate to Kiwis (like taken the piss out of the police and politicians... and cows...) or that relate to people in general. My aim would be to make sure people get the joke and have an enjoyable read, instead of just getting confused and flushing it out of their systems and going back to their mediocrity (...or back to their boring ATV Stunt-Jumping out-of-a-burning-aeroplane-in-the-middle-of-the-world's-largest-jungles job... that would be a more cooler thing to think about than these comics...)

These are black 'n' white, some will be attempted in color (digitally or traditionally). The webcomic would probably consist of most, if not all, of the jotted down strips. But the book version will only include the best that I think relate to more "reality related" based humor.

For now, here's Argo'ing Along. A 4 pager that I'd probably include in the book:

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