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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dream Of The Foetus

Here comes preview #2, one of the two books I illustrated for a French writer: The Dream Of The Foetus.

Nice and weird eh?

A man, an elderly single man, has entered retirement and is enjoying this newfound relaxation by taking his dog for a walk through the park. Saying hello with a big grin to everyone passing by him and his companion, he thinks to himself about all he had achieved and all he has been through. He is then interrupted by a very strange creature, and this stark situation violently escalates...

He suddenly wakes, dry-throated and wide-eyed. His first and second senses come to, to the sight of a rugged old apartment and a clock reading 5:14am, and to the sound of the next door neighbor's dog, barking uncontrollably...

Gaining reason and sanity by rinsing his face and putting on fresh clothes, he manages to wonder out of his cave and onto the busy Paris streets to grab his morning coffee. He'll soon realise that he might need to significantly up his caffeine intake, if he's to survive this day...

Alot of time went into this book, which is my first book-length story. Also a welcome direction away from the comedy-centric work I've done beforehand. I'll be happy to finally see it published in bookform, then happy again when you read it and enjoy it!

Here's a 5 page preview for now:

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