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Monday, February 8, 2010

Les Enfants

les enfants = the children (in french)

Preview #3:

The second book I did for the French writer. Coming completely out of nowhere, and ended up to be a disappointing, yet great learning lesson for me...

If anything I used this as a chance and a oppuntinity to deconstruct my style, to try and make it more clear, to not make it too confusing. To challenge my own perception of what I think people want. To try and cut out the farting around and only draw what I think the average reader would get and mostly care about.

Quite a struggle.

But I know its something that had to be done especially if you have a deadline to reach. I invest allot of time and energy into my drawings beforehand, but, if I wanted to make "good" money, its something I know that an industry doesn't care about when you can't produce results at the snap of a finger... unless they are quite confident in you that you can, eventually, deliver the goods, and that itself can be hard to get.

With that in mind I tried to, not pump out, but tried to be quicker in my decisions. Some of it came out surprisingly good, some didn't translate well (but hey, that's learning).

So anyway, your outlook would be different to mine, maybe after reading this book you're entire outlook on your own life will change. You'd grow from a bland one-sided diesel mechanic or a tired stressed out graphic designer or a wealthy but unsatisfied five-star hotel owner... and instead reliase "hey! Maybe leaving my family and selling all my possessions and using the money to fund my dream of flying through space in a school bus wouldn't be such a bad idea afterall!"

... some readers are just not as open as others...

Les Enfants is a 48 page book, divided into 7 different humorist stories (and one that's abit more serious), tackling such dangerous issues as babysitting, taking your child for a walk through the park, and vacations!

Here's a 7 page preview for now, entitled Promonade, French-ly enough:

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