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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi-Ho Hyperthrust EP

Back in 2008 around when I started using the Loose Link name I had another alias that I used to make more straight-forward techno music. I produced a fair amount of tracks under the name but since then I never thought to use it again, and the name remained archived.

I've decided to introduce the alias by bumping up and compiling most of the older tracks together as an EP, which has been released through Effluvia Recordings today.

The track BB Gun was a track dedicated to my dog, and created specifically for him. Harmonica and that high tone sample for Icehouse's "Great Southern Land" always made him howl. The EP is dedicated to him, who died the day before the Christchurch earthquake in 2010.

Not much more to say about the EP itself, just hope it entertains and amuses you for 25 minutes or so. Hi-Ho Hyperthrust is such a overblown, amusing name that it just has to be used again one day in the future:



Many thanks to Dishdawash Arnett for hosting.

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