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Monday, December 6, 2010

Loose Link - Debut Album

After an unemployed month's work back in October-November, I have completed the first album under the name Loose Link, called Random Proportions. It is a 12 track 57 minute weird journey with nearly all tracks mixing into one another to form one long soundscape. It is being released to download for free on Ross Baker's net-label Jerky Oats in the UK. I've learned alot from making this, thanks goes to Ross for supporting the album, and thanks to others like Shining Dove who gave inspiration.

"Debut release from Loose Link, a sound collage artist from New Zealand. Random Proportions is a collection of hip-hop breaks, cut'n'paste samples, audio collages and unconnected sounds connected. Instead of pasting together samples and loops into pop songs, a la The Avalanches and RJD2, Loose Link arranges them into thick, layered soundscapes, morphing voices, beats and orchestras into a blanket of comforting chaos which owes as much to ambient as it does hip-hop and breakbeat.

Random Proportions features input from Second Thought and Shinning Dove."

01. Hey Hey You Hey
02. Nanolightning
03. I Remember Many Things
04. Ghost Protocol
05. Unanswered
06. Supercollider
07. Kisp
08. Don't Wanna Die
09. Glitchy Mist
10. The Unexplainable
11. Random Proportions
12. Elution

Download the full release here:


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