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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loose Link - New Tracks

I've been creating music again, 8 of these pieces are uploaded onto my Soundcloud page:

Artilect by Loose Link 

The Unexplainable by Loose Link 

Peace by Loose Link 

The Electromagnetic Sound Nursery by Loose Link 

Secret Mission by Loose Link 

Straight In The Face (Early Version) by Loose Link 

Don't Wanna Die by Loose Link 

Carry It by Loose Link 

Sample Based Downbeat Instrumental Glitchy Hip Hop Alternative Electronica Weirdness.

More progression compared to the EP tracks I did 6 months ago. My main focus was to make Drum and Bass and Dub (still trying) but every time, the track went off into a different direction, and I decided to follow. One I decided to upload is a work in progress track, which I see has potential as a d'n'b track, and which I'll be continuing to work on.

Don't know if it's because I'm using Opera now or Soundcloud's having connection problems, every time I tried to upload a track it kept signing me out, then it kept signing me out when I sign back in, then it ends up the track wasn't uploaded, then when I re-upload the same track it sign's me out again, and then it says the track wasn't loaded, and then when I sign back in the track WAS loaded... etc etc

For now until I figure out why, I don't think Soundcloud's the best place to upload anything. But it's a platform, and when it works, it works.

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