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Friday, April 16, 2010

Loose Link - Loose Link EP

Meh, what the hell...

Over the years and just for kicks, I've been messing around with various music creation programs and created many music tracks, from cliche heart-pounding techno, to weird experimental sample breakbeats and ambiance. Years later I'm still doing it from time to time.

Recently I'm starting to be satisfied with some of the tracks that I create... and have decided to put them together as my first amateur EP, post it up on the internet for free, and be damned.

The EP is primarily dominated by 4X4 pounding techno (the easiest type of track to create? Besides modern R&B?) but I have thrown in a couple of other types that are fine too, most notably one of my earliest remixes I have ever done, of a track from the classic Biosphere album Substrata (look it up on Google if you don't know), credits and respect to Gier Jenssen for making the original.

No fancy studio, no execs, and no big club events (...yet :P), but I have had the pleasure of the great classic game icon and rapper PACMAN drop by to lay down heavy weights of poetic justice on top of my beat Oopsie Daze. Mad dope respect from the old school.

I've uploaded the EP onto Soundcloud, but the attached player below has all the tracks in backwards order for some reason, I guess you can follow the link to there if you do want to hear them as originally intended... if not, then nevermind :)

I have plenty more Loose Link stuff to post on here later. For now, enjoy!

1. Oopsie Daze (feat. the poetic talents of Pac-Man)
2. Ain't Playing Anymore
3. Buggery
4. Biosphere - Hyperborea (Loose Link's Spiky Spheres Remix)
5. Four To The Floor
6. BB Gun (feat. Popeye and Ollie)

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