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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Works in Progress

I have three big story concepts I'm working on at the moment. Big universes involving several locations, with many interesting characters populating each. All three are in fair contrast with each other, with one quite fantastical and humorous, one abit more realistic and not entirely humorous at all, and another based firmly in reality, with abit of humor thrown in.

Not sure yet if they'd all turn into graphic novels, or if any one of them will become a written novel instead. In this conceptual stage all three have drawings tagged to them. I'm also seeing them as long-term teamwork-like projects, so all three are wide open for collaboration.

Speaking of collaborations, I'm in an interesting one now with a talented Kiwi Writer, here's one version of the logo.

More W.I.Ps, and more about these two, when ready.

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